1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


The Battle of Kontum

January 30 - February 12




At the end of January, 1968, the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese launched an offensive
throughout the entire country of South Vietnam. Every major city and every Provincial Capital was attacked.

The attack on Kontum, the capital of Kontum Province, was initially hampered
by elements of the South Vietnamese Army, who prevented the enemy
from taking complete control of the city.
However, during the attack, enemy forces managed to occupy large areas of the city and some of the outlying territory.

The US Army force responsible for this area of operations was the 4th Infantry Division.
Several units of the Division were tasked with clearing the enemy out of the city and pursuing him into the countryside.

LTC William P. Junk, Commander of 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry, was given ground command of the operation
and was directed to assume command of all 4th Infantry Division forces in the area.
For the duration of the operation the elements at his disposal were organized into Task Force 1-22.

The ensuing 14 day battle became known as the Battle of Kontum.

Soldiers of the 1/22 Infantry return fire during the battle of Kontum.



The 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry was awarded the Valorous Unit Citation for its actions
in the defense of the Provincial Capital of Kontum, during the Tet Offensive of 1968.



A graphic of C Company's role in the Battle of Kontum for the days of February 3-5.

Graphic from Sam Drake via Fred Childs




The following pages chronicle the battle. Extracts are taken from:

Combat Operations After Action Report (RCS: MACV J3-32)

Declassified February 26, 1999







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