1st Battalion 22nd Infantry





Silk streamers to reflect campaign participation were first authorized by the
Department of the Army in 1920. They are displayed on the Battalion's colors.
Embroidered on the streamers are the campaigns, battles or service for which
the Battalion has been recognized.

The colors of each streamer are the colors of the campaign or service medal
for that specific conflict or operation.

The following streamers are for those campaigns
in which 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry has participated.


Note: the official Army lineage of the 22nd US Infantry Regiment begins with the re-establishment
of the Regiment in 1866. However, the Regiment was originally formed in 1812, and existed
until 1815. From 1815 until 1866 there was no 22nd US Infantry Regiment.

The 1st Battalion website presents all history and honors of that original 22nd US Regiment
in the hopes that one day the Army will recognize it as part of the true lineage
of today's Regiment, to which that original 22nd Infantry is inevitably and undeniably linked.




WAR OF 1812


Chippewa 1814


Lundy's Lane 1814






North Dakota 1868


North Dakota 1869


Montana 1872


Little Big Horn 1876-1877


Pine Ridge 1890-1891






Santiago 1898






Manila 1899


Malolos 1899


San Isidro 1899


Luzon 1900


Mindanao 1902-1905


Jolo 1905






Normandy 1944

The arrowhead on the streamer indicates the Battalion participated in an amphibious landing on enemy territory ( D-Day).


Northern France 1944


Rhineland 1944-1945


Ardennes-Alsace 1944-1945


Central Europe 1945






Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase II 1966-1967


Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase III 1967-1968


Tet Counteroffensive 1968


Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase IV 1968


Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase V 1968


Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase VI 1968-1969


Tet 69/Counteroffensive 1969


Vietnam Summer-Fall 1969


Vietnam Winter-Spring 1970


Sanctuary Counteroffensive 1970


Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase VII 1970-1971


Consolidation I 1971


Consolidation II 1971-1972






Liberation of Iraq 2003


Transition of Iraq 2003-2004


National Resolution 2005-2007


Iraqi Surge 2007-2008


Iraqi Sovereignty 2009-2010







Consolidation III 2009-2011







Global War On Terrorism

( Kuwait 2013 )






Note: In more recent times the Army has dis-continued the authorization
of some of the streamers listed above. However, those streamers were awarded to the 22nd Infantry,
and flown from the Regimental and Battalion Colors for at least 60 or more years.

The U.S. Army Center of Military History has the following comment
on the above streamers:

"Individual units are sometimes authorized additional streamers to reflect war service in engagements
outside the limitations of the 187 (authorized) campaigns."

Listing of the Campaigns of the U.S. Army
Displayed on the Army Flag







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