Dedicated to the Soldiers of the 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment,

past, present and future.

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Throughout history, the Soldiers of the 22nd Infantry Regiment have lived up to their official motto:






1st Battalion 22nd Infantry at Fort Carson was de-activated
on March 17, 2014

2nd Battalion 22nd Infantry remains with the
10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum.


The Regimental Colors have been transferred to Fort Drum.




“THOSE ARE REGULARS, BY GOD !” is the title of the painting done by Hugh Charles McBarron.
The subject is the 22
nd Infantry at the Battle of Chippewa, July 5, 1814. A mounted field grade officer at left is leading the line of Infantry, while
a company grade officer at the right encourages the Soldiers to hold the line steady as men fall under fire from musket and cannon. Another
company grade officer is being struck and falling, just to the right of the flags. They are the only Soldiers wearing the standard dark blue coat
of the US Infantry. All the rest are wearing the grey jackets in which General Scott outfitted the men of the 22
nd. The darker flag is the Colors
of the 22
nd Infantry. The lighter colored flag is the 22nd Infantry battle flag. The battle flag consisted of the scroll from the bottom of the
Regimental Colors against a background of a solid bright color, in this case yellow, which could be easily seen above the battlefield. In the
original painting and prints the scrolls can be seen to contain the words “Twenty Second Regiment Infantry”.



A Private of the 22nd Infantry as he would have appeared
on the field at Chippewa, July 5, 1814.

He wears the model 1813 black leather shako
with a silver colored Regimental cap plate and
white plume and tassels, the plain grey wool jacket
worn by most of the Regiments in Scott's Brigade,
white trousers, and black leather shoes with canvas gaiters.

The knapsack on his back and the haversack slung on his left side
are painted blue to waterproof them. The black leather cartridge box
slung at his right side has a wooden block in it which contains 26 cartridges
each containing a lead ball and individual gunpowder charge,
rolled into a paper cartridge. In combat the Soldier
would bite the end off the cartridge and use the wrapper as wadding
to hold the powder and ball in place.

Under the block was a tin container which held 12 more cartridges,
flints and oil rags. Also slung on his left side is his bayonet scabbard,
the tip of which can just be seen below his cartridge box, and his
wooden canteen, slung over the top of the haversack.

His musket is an American made copy of a late 18th century French design,
having a bore of .69 caliber and a 16 inch long triangular shaped bayonet.







The 22nd Infantry Monument still needs your help.

A permanent memorial to the Soldiers of the 22nd Infantry
who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their country
has been installed and dedicated at the National Infantry Museum.

Though a considerable amount of money has been raised,
the Society needs funds to maintain the monument and to
recover funds taken from other projects.

Donations are tax deductible.

For more information click on the following link:

22nd Infantry Monument

To make donations by check or credit card go to the
22nd Infantry Regiment Society website:





The purpose of this site is to provide a place for members of the 1st Battalion to post their photos,
stories and memories of their service with the 22nd Infantry.

We invite all who have served with the 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry to send us your pictures and thoughts
of your time with the 22nd, and we will post them on these pages. E-mail and regular mail addresses for submissions
can be found at the bottom of this page.

This is an ongoing project. Our ultimate aim is to detail the history of 1st Battalion.
As such, we consider ourselves to be historians. This is not a dues paying club; there are no membership fees.
All material here is presented solely for historical purposes. Depending upon the level of participation
and support from you, we can expand this site and make it a permanent testimony
to one of the US Army's finest Infantry Battalions.



FSB Niagara July 1970 Republic of Vietnam

Photo courtesy of George Heidt


1st Battalion 22nd Infantry














This website was founded for the purpose of preserving the history of 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry.
We are not a formal organization.
Our organization is the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society.
Our allegiance is to the Regiment.
We strongly urge all veterans of 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry,
to join the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society.

For a membership form to join the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society
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22nd Infantry Regiment Society Membership


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There you will find more history of the Regiment, along with current events,
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A special thanks to George Heidt and Lou Talley, whose support and involvement
were the catalysts to making a website the whole Battalion could share.

George Heidt






Lou Talley




1st Battalion 22nd Infantry

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