1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


22nd Infantry Monument


October 2009 - Updated July 2015


A concept begun under the auspices of LT COL Steve Russell (US Army Ret.)
to establish a memorial monument to the Soldiers of the 22nd US Infantry
has been completed. The site for the monument is on the Walk Of Honor
in Patriot Park at the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning, GA.

The unveiling and dedication was held on June 23, 2015.

Funds are still needed to help preserve and maintain the monument for future generations.



The artist's visualization of the monument

showing the statue guarding the obelisk,

and a human figure to give perspective

to the size of the finished project.






The statue as completed and ready to be mounted

on the mounument.

Made out of bronze with lifelike detail

and composure, the figure represents

a Regular of 1st Battalion during the unit's

first tour of duty in Iraq.

The model for the statue was

Cody Hofer, who served in HHC

1-22 IN during Operation Iraqi Freedom I.

The modern Soldier has been chosen to represent

the 22nd Infantry's committment to the future

of our nation.






On the left a close-up showing the detail of the statue.

The statue was modelled after SPC Cody Hofer, who served with HHC of 1-22 Infantry
in Iraq, 2003-2004. SPC Hofer appeared on the cover of TIME magazine on March 15, 2004.




Funds are needed for the maintenance and (should the need arise) repair of the monument.

All donations are tax-deductible, as they go to a non-profit part
of the Regimental Society.

Donations may be made by credit card by going to the
22nd Infantry Regiment Society's website.

There you will find a link through which you may use your credit card,
by going to a PayPal account created exclusively for the monument.

Click on the following link to the Society's website:



Or send checks to:

The 22nd Infantry Regiment Society     
Attn:  Martin Oelklaus
P.O. Box 3258
Independence, MO 64055-8258

Please note on check that  it is  for this monument.





To view photos of the monument, the assembly and dedication go to the following link on this website:

22nd Infantry Regiment Monument







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