1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


The 22nd Infantry National Monument

June 23, 2015



The 22nd Infantry Monument in place with the Regimental Bench behind it on the Walk Of Honor
at the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning, Georgia - June 23, 2015

Photo from LTC (Retired) Steve Russell




On June 23, 2015 a monument to Soldiers from the 22nd Infantry Regiment
lost while on deployment was dedicated in a ceremony at the National Infantry Museum
at Fort Benning Georgia.

The monument was the culmination of many years of hard work in design and fund raising
and will stand forever as a testament to those Regulars who paid the ultimate sacrifice in
service to their country.

Conception and direction in the establishment of the monument was by LTC (Retired) Steve Russell
who was Commander of 1-22 Infantry in Iraq 2003-2004. As fund raising neared its stated goal
the monument was constructed and erected under the leadership of LTC Russell along with Lon Oakley,
President of the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society. In addition were numerous contributors, historians,
22nd Infantry Regiment Society Officers and concerned individuals who all worked together to make
this worthwhile project a reality.

The monument is 22 feet tall, weighs 22 tons and contains the names of 2959 Soldiers lost in
conflicts both at home and overseas and on deployments overseas from the War of 1812
through the War On Terror in Afghanistan.

The conflicts and deployments in which the 22nd Infantry incurred losses are:

War of 1812
Indian Wars
War with Spain
Philippine Insurrection

Other conflicts and deployments are noted on the monument base to mark participation in them by the
22nd Infantry, though no losses were incurred in them by the Regiment.

At the front of the monument is a four foot tall bronze statue of a 22nd Infantry Soldier standing guard.
The statue was made by the renowned sculptor Robert Summers. Model for the statue was SPC Cody Hofer,
a Soldier of HHC 1-22 Infantry in Iraq 2003-2004.

The ceremony began with speeches in the bleachers at the Parade Field next to the National Infantry Museum and proceeded
to the monument site led by an Honor Color Guard composed of Army Drill Sergeants from the 198th Infantry Brigade
stationed at Fort Benning. Two of those Drill Sergeants had previous service in 1-22 Infantry and two other Drill Sergeants
had previous service in 2-22 Infantry.

At the monument site a dedication prayer was spoken by COL (Retired) Bill Allison and Cody Hofer unveiled
the statue bearing his likeness, which was the official act which dedicated the monument.







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