1st Battalion 22nd Infantry






April 5, 2014

With extreme sadness, we witnessed the inactivation of 1-22 Infantry at Fort Carson
on March 17, 2014. The Regimental Colors have been transferred to 2-22 Infantry
at Fort Drum, leaving only that one Battalion of our Regiment on active service.

We can only hope that the Army sees fit to reactivate our 1st Battalion at some time
in the near future, though the drastic downsizing of the Army taking place today,
makes that possibility unlikely.



From time to time the staff of the 1st Battalion website
receives inquiries as to why certain aspects of the Battalion's history
are not presented on the website.

Occasionally the inquiries take the form of criticism, and, sometimes,
that criticism is harsh.

As webmaster and chief researcher for the website, I have tried to present
at least some information, narrative or photos from every time period
in which the Battalion has served. Sadly, certain time periods and operations
are sparsely covered, and some not covered at all. This is due to the lack of information
available to us here at the website, and not any neglect on our part.
I personally continue to look for anything I can find concerning
our Battalion and Regiment, and post whatever I find on the website.

We are especially in need of any information having to do with 1-22 Infantry
during their service at Fort Carson, 1972-1984 and at Fort Ord, 1947-1951.

Anyone having information, articles, stories or photos of 1st Battalion
from any time period is invited to share them with us here at the website.

Work is continually being done on the website
relating to the history of our Battalion and the Regiment.

New photos and information are being added on a consistent basis.

The 1st Battalion website will continue to bring to life the history of
the Regulars of the 22nd Infantry.




Michael Belis, Webmaster
SGT Company C 1/22 Infantry 1970-1971

e-mail: webmaster@1-22infantry.org



Regulars, by God !




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