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"As the decades pass and we grow old together, we must remember not only
what has been accomplished but what the cost was as well.
Only we can carry the memory of our fallen. It is we who knew their faces,
their smiles, their stories, and their sacrifice. They are now just a name
but as long as we have breath, they will live."

LTC Steve Russell, Commander of 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry, in an address to the Battalion
upon their return from Operation Iraqi Freedom I, at Fort Hood, Texas May 2004




"War drew us from our homeland
In the sunlit springtime of our youth.
Those who did not come back alive
in perpetual springtime
-- forever young --

And a part of them is with us always."

-- Author Unknown




Here I stand in a place I prayed I would never be
Pictures flash before my eyes, from years gone by.
Your laughter, and your ready smile,
The images come and stay for awhile.
Do they know who and what you were?

You were not a number on a board,
Not a number to keep score.
You were a brother, a sister, a father or a mother,
A husband, a wife, a daughter or a son.
You were my closest friend.

I try to think back to what we said,
Did I tell you how very proud I was of you?
That you answered and did what you were called to do
I know there was no question in your mind,
you were always strong, and believed
in fighting to right all wrongs.
You fought for the freedom that we enjoy,
the quest for hope that many fight to destroy
The right to speak your mind,
or peace for all time.

You had a soldier's heart,
filled with a soldier's pride,
A soldier's heart that was always true,
and bled red, white and blue


------by Cathy Daugherty


Copyright 2004 by Cathy Daugherty All rights reserved

Used by personal permission of the author





Sandbaged bunkers,
on a hilltop high,

surrounded by sharp wire.

Triple canopy in the valley,
lay sleeping far below.
We remember those

that pay'd the price,
some thirty plus years ago.
The rice paddies,
in the flat land,
and the rain
that fell for weeks.
Our wrinkled skin,

and graying hair,
we remember you,
like yesterday.


by Bill Hodder - Company B 1/22 Infantry 1969





Their names are etched upon that wall,
So dark, so cold.
Who will remember that they feared to die?
Who will remember?
It speaks not a word, but screams to my soul,
Of battles, so long ago.
Who will remember the realities of war?
Their dreams, their tears.
Who will remember their screams, their fears?
The pain of the wound, that cuts so deep.
That wall, so dark, so cold.
It feels no sorrow, it holds no shame.
Who will remember the mud and the rain?
The leeches that sucked, the blood that stained?
That wall!

By: Frederick L. Golladay Company B 1/22 Infantry 1969-1970




I'll Think of You


I wait for your face
To return from a distant place,
I seek your words,
Mental speeches that are never heard.

And today I thought of you,
Of the full life that you never knew;
Of the world that passed you by;
Of your loved ones, you never told "Goodbye."
So today, I'll think of you.

Free souls, steep price,
Proud flags draped on sacrifice
Of youth, now gone
But the memories carry on.

And today I thought of you,
Of the full life that you never knew,
Of the world that passed you by;
Of your loved ones, you never told "Goodbye. "
So today, I'll think of you.


LTC Steve Russell, Commander 1-22 Infantry 2003-2005

Copyright 2011 by Steve Russell






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Survivor Outreach Services


The Army has established a unified support program to assist families of fallen Soldiers.
As part of the Army Community Services, the Survivor Outreach Services can help
with questions or issues that may surface sometimes months or years after the loss.


Click on the image below to find resources and help:





A very special note of appreciation to Brad Hull for his hard work in compiling a data base on the KIA's
from Vietnam for all three Battalions of the 22nd Infantry, and for permitting us to use his data for 1st Battalion.

And a heartfelt debt of gratitude is owed to Robert Harik, for his awesome hard work of finding personal photos,
gravesite photos and information about 1st Battalion's Vietnam KIA's. His dedication and long term perserverance
in memorializing our fallen is an inspiration to us all.

And to all the relatives of our lost fellow soldiers who have shared photos and memories of their loved ones,
we thank you and assure you that your loved ones are held in the highest esteem, and their memory will
be preserved by the 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry website.






Lest We Forget









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