1st Battalion 22nd Infantry

Battle of Chu Moor Mountain

April 22 - 30 1968



Map of South Vietnam Corps Tactical Zones

Red dot marks the location of Chu Moor Mountain,
in Kontum Province, near the Cambodian border,
in the northwestern part of II Corps.

This area was one of the main infiltration routes
of North Vietnamese men and equipment
coming down the Ho Chi Minh trail.

Map copyright C.D. Anderson 2008


Patrol grid map showing location of Chu Moor Mountain
with position of LZ C-Rations also marked.

Map provided by Rainer Guensch, who served in D Co 1/22 Infantry 1968


During Operation Mac Arthur, for approximately nine days in late April of 1968,
the 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry fought a vicious battle with

elements of the North Vietnamese Army on and around Chu Moor mountain.
The combat was intense, with 1st Battalion attacking, the NVA counter-attacking,

and 1st Battalion attacking again. The NVA employed mortars, B-40 rockets, snipers,
and even flame throwers.
1st Battalion utilized artillery, airstrikes, B-52 strikes and helicopter gunships.

Elements of the 1/14 Infantry, the 1/12th Infantry and the 3/8 Infantry
joined the battle, when it became clear the enemy was in force and had decided to stay.
After nearly seven days of heavy fighting, the NVA finally withdrew,

leaving the mountain in US hands.


Chu Moor, as seen from the Fire Support Base at Chu Ya Bruh.
In the center of the picture, a gunship rolls in to attack.

Photo by Roger Salber



Graphic of the Battle of Chu Moor

From Sam Drake via Fred Childs





The Battle of Chu Moor Mountain:






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