1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


The Syracuse Recruit Camp 1918



Company M 22nd Infantry lined up for mess call at the Syracuse Recruit Camp, Syracuse, New York 1918
Board on ground in front of tent on far right is marked with
"CO. M 22d U.S. INF."

Photo from the Solvay-Geddes Historical Society website



Elements of the 22nd Infantry were stationed at the Syracuse Recruit Camp just outside of
Syracuse, New York during the approximate time frame of July - November, 1918.

The Camp was reorganized in July 1918 to process a certain category of inductees, or recruits,
into the Army. At that time five Companies of the 22nd Infantry became the permanent military
organization responsible for the operation of the Camp with a 22nd Infantry officer in command
of a total organization nearly the size of an Army Division.

During the time the 22nd Infantry operated the Camp an epidemic of deadly influenza broke out there,
part of the global pandemic of influenza which struck the world at that time.

The 1st Battalion website is grateful to Sondra Stallard for calling this important episode in the history of our Regiment
to our attention. Sondra shared reports, photos and research locations with the 1st Battalion website allowing us to present
the following pages detailing the events which took place at the Syracuse Recruit Camp in the summer and fall of 1918.
Thanks to Sondra an important chapter has been added to the history of the 22nd Infantry Regiment which was omitted
from the official history of the Regiment when written in 1922.







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