LTC Robert M. Hensler - Commanding Officer 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry 1985-1987



1-22 Infantry Command Team Fort Drum, New York 1986 - LTC Robert Hensler on left, CSM Ronald Dumka on right.
Note PT (Physical Training) uniforms with "REGULARS by GOD" above the 22nd Infantry crest (DUI).
COL Hensler writes:

CSM Dumka (on right) and I in front of the original Bn HQs that was along the main street of the old post that led to the airfield
on north end of cantonement area. Picture was probably taken in 1986 since our PT uniforms look quite new.
This was before the Army had a standardized PT uniform.

Photo courtesy of COL Robert M. Hensler





An A Co NCO receiving award from
LTC Hensler and CSM Dumka,
early in calendar year 1986.
Fort Drum, New York.



Enlargement of above photo. Note frigid weather conditions - icicles on building,
snow drift, cold weather clothing. COL Hensler writes:
"We had 230 inches of snow winter of 1985-86!"



The chain of command doing PT in the yellow PT uniforms early 1986 before we got our "Regulars" PT uniforms
and before the Cohort package of soldiers arrived from Ft. Benning. Fort Drum 1986.

(Editor: These are the Battalion Officers and NCO's who formed the nucleus of
1st Battalion 22nd Infantry in late 1985 and early 1986 before the main body
of enlisted men arrived to make up the full compliment of the Battalion.



CSM Dumka leading Bn PT Fort Drum summer 1986.








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