Bobby J. Runnels

Company A 1-22 Infantry

10th Mountain Division





We deployed as a Battalion to Honduras as a part of Operation Golden Pheasant. We lost one man I believe he was from HHC,
who drowned in a river crossing. We were in Honduras for a little over 30 days(1988.) We encountered sporadic sniper fire
from the mountains around us as we were traveling from Honduran army post during training missions with the Honduran army.
We also did an 18 click infiltration deliberate attack of a fortified position in Honduras. I believe that was in March of 88.
Upon coming back from Honduras we deployed to the White Mountains in Maine and went through training with the
Special Forces A team detachment on guerrilla warfare tracking and fast roping and that is where I fell while fast roping
out of a Blackhawk helicopter suffering a spiral tube fib fracture of the follow up with fat emboli syndrome. Upon being transferred
to the hospital in Fort Devens after being recuperated in a hospital, once I got back to the barracks at Drum I found
all of my belongings were in boxes. They apparently didn't expect me to return. I reenlisted and went to Germany to
2nd Battalion 6 Inf in Erlangen, they were also Regulars by God . That was after they cut the long leg cast off I think in
March of 89. I was in a long leg cast from Sept 88 till March of 89. I got the walking cast off in April and reuped in May 89.
This is part of our history my name is Bobby J. Runnels







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