Woodrow "Woody" Trissel Jr.

Company B 1/22 Infantry

4th Infantry Division

November 26, 1968 - June 24, 1969



Woody Trissel served as an 11C Infantryman and was killed in action
in Vietnam, when a slingload of ammunition inadvertently dropped by a helicopter exploded.
Woody and a number of Soldiers from Company B were guarding the load
when it detonated. Though the Army still classifies the incident as a non-hostile accident,
veterans of Company B continue to work toward having it re-classified as what they believe
to be an explosion that was the result of enemy activity. Those veterans are confident that
the load was booby trapped by the North Vietnamese, so as to explode when US Soldiers tried to recover it.

The photos on the following pages are from Woody Trissel's personal effects as returned to his family
after he lost his life. They were submitted to the 1st Battalion website by Woody's nephew Jeremy Hildreth,
in loving memory of his uncle.





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