Joe Alonzo Jr. -- Heavy Weapons HHC 1966-1967



Anastacio Beltran on the left (from Company A - killed in action February 16, 1967)
Jo Alonzo Jr. on the right in training in the United States



Joe Alonzo second from the left



Joe Alonzo second from the right



On right - Joe Alonzo Jr. at firebase in Vietnam. He has an XM-148 / M16 with grenade launcher
weapon system. Note "Regulars By God" made out of white painted sandbags in left rear background.



Joe Alonzo Jr. sitting in commander's position on an M-113 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)



Joe Alonzo back row second from the right



The record of Joe Alonzo Jr. during his active duty in the Army
showing his assignment to HHC 1/22 Infantry from February 26, 1966 to July 9, 1967






Photos submitted by SGT Joe Alonzo IV in loving memory of his grandfather Joe Alonzo Jr.








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