1st Battalion Iraq August 2008



Brig. Gen. Robert Swan (front), receives a briefing from
LTC Matt Elledge, left, LTC Paul Hossenlopp, center and
MAJ Tim Reed, right, ( from Las Cruces, N.M., Civil Affairs Officer, 1BCT)
in the Jihad neighborhood, August 2, 2008.




Brig.Gen. Robert Swan (left),
a native of Pittsburgh, who serves as
the deputy commanding general of
Multi-National Division Baghdad,
and 4th Infantry Division,
receives a briefing from
LTC Matt Elledge (center),
a Dexter, MO. native, who is the
commander of 1st Battalion
22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade
Combat Team, 4th Inf. Div.,
and LTC Paul Hossenlopp,
a Cincinnati native, who is the
deputy commanding officer, 1BCT,
in the Jihad neighborhood.
Swan was visiting a Jihad civil
service department construction
project in the southwest Baghdad
district of West Rashid August 2.
The new CSD project, with an
anticipated completion date of Aug. 15,
includes classrooms and a motor
pool that will be used for instruction
of Iraqi service workers. Eventually,
the classroom setting will train and
certify 1,580 Iraqi srvice workers
during the next year to repair and
maintain critical infrastructure
across Rashid.

(U.S. Army photo by Lt. Col. Steve Stover,
MND-B Public Affairs)




A driver's seat view of a notorious Baghdad sandstorm. ( E/FSC )


















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