1st Battle Group 22d Infantry

Fort Lewis, Washington 1962


On April 1, 1957, the 22d Infantry Regiment became the 1st Battle Group, 22d Infantry of the 4th Infantry Division.

In 1962 both units were part of STRAC (Strategic Army Corps)




Ft. Lewis 1962


Entrance to Ft Lewis


22nd Infantry monument at Ft. Lewis


Another view of the 22nd Infantry monument


Colonel John P. Brown, Commanding Officer, 1st Battle Group 22nd Infantry


Capt R. J. Holterman, Commanding Officer, Company A

Sign on the wall says :

"A Co. 1st Battle Group 22nd Infantry - Every Man A Tiger"


Members of A Company as "aggressors" in a tactical excercise


Members of A Company firing 3.5 inch "bazooka" at the range


Members of B Company as "aggressors" in M75 Amoured Personnel Carrier


B Company soldiers "policing" the area


Members of B Company firing .30 cal machine gun as "aggressors" on excercise


Members of C Company on a field march


C Company soldiers swabbing out a mortar tube


KP duty in C Company


D Company troopers as "aggressors"


E Company--checking rifles in arms room


Members of E Company on the assault course


E Company soldier


E Company passes in review

Note 22nd Infantry crest on the garment worn by the Battle Group mascot "Joe", bottom center




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