Roger Kizer Company C 1982-1983



 Upon enlisting, I was assigned to A Co,4th Bn,2nd Infantry training brigade at Ft. Benning, GA , in the old barracks!  From there, orders dated 8 Nov, 1982, I went to C Co, 1/22 Inf 4th ID Ft. Carson,CO. There I was assigned as a driver of a M113 APC. During my time there, we headed to the NTC, Ft Irwin, CA for some desert training. After some time I was "volunteered" for a special driving detail. I was re-assigned 20 June 1983 to HHC 4th ID as the driver for the Colonel in G-1,Division HQ.

From there, I got orders in Feb,1984 to go to Italy. I was assigned to SETAF (Southern European Task Force), 559th USAAG (United States Army Artillery Group), 3/47 USAAD (United States Army Artillery Detachment). Being I was 11B10, they were using infantry soldiers as security for the battery of Nike Hercules ground to air missiles. Not a bad job, nice country. 

Four years active service and I was out.


Here I am heading back to Fort Carson after leave.


Me on the second floor landing of my barracks, standing next to the painted banner of my unit.
The one thing that stands out is the way the snow would drift up between the barracks in the winter there.
We would jump from the second floor landing into the huge snow drifts.







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