Bob Babcock

3rd Platoon Leader Nov 1965 - Dec 1966

Executive Officer Dec 1966 - Jul 1967

Bravo Company 1/22 Infantry 4th Infantry Division


June 1966----men of B 1/22 qualifying on the M-16 rifle prior to taking leave and then going to Vietnam.
Until this time, the Battalion was armed with the M-14 rifle


Troops of B 1/22 waiting in quadrangle at Ft Lewis, WA,
before catching ship to Vietnam, July 21, 1966


USNS Nelson M. Walker - ship that took 1/22 to Vietnam - July 21, 1966
LT Bob Babcock in foreground


Just like you thought it would be from watching movies of WWII,
the 4th Infantry Division Band was playing on the dock as 1/22 pulled away from the Port of Tacoma
on July 21, 1966. Most troops did not have that type of sendoff when they went to Vietnam.


LT Ron Marksity, LT Walt Ferguson, 1LT Sandy Fiacco (in white shirt-CO of B 1/22),
CPT Mauer (in foregound-Battalion surgeon), LT Lou Dinetz on lower bunk,
and LT Bill Saling on top bunk passing the time enroute to Vietnam.


SP4 Wayne Germek, supply clerk/armorer, PFC Danny Hughes & PSG Frank Roath of B 1/22
in sleeping area of troop ship taking 1/22 and 1/12 to Vietnam.
Left Fort Lewis WA on July 21, 1966 and landed at Qui Nhon, Vietnam on August 6, 1966


Talent show aboard USNS Nelson M. Walker enroute to Vietnam, late July or early August 1966.
PFC George Benjamin of B 1/22 on guitar.
Note "Mohawk" of trooper in foreground. All troopers of 1/12 Infantry were required to get a "Mohawk"
prior to landing in Vietnam---and General Westmoreland was not pleased with that.


1/22 Infantry lands in Vietnam, August 6, 1966


August 1966

First day in Vietnam of 1-22. Monsoons and mud were all around us.


August 10, 1966 - The first day 1-22 had a medium GP tent to move into.
Lt Bob Babcock, becoming prolific at heating C-rations--long before learning the way to do it was with C-4.

(Editor's note: In 1966, the Regulars didn't have any vets to learn from,
so they had to basically invent what those of us who came later were to learn.)

Note the mud from the monsoons and the M-79 in the background.



All photos copyright 2002 by Bob Babcock and may not be copied, transmitted or used in any form without permission.


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