1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


After Action Reports 1899 Part One


Soldiers of the 22nd Infantry Philippine Islands - The San Francisco Call newspaper had this photo
in their edition of March 23, 1902, in an article about CPT George Detchemendy, who commanded
Company H 22nd Infantry at Baler, with the caption " Part of Company H at Baler".
They are all wearing the model 1883 dark blue pullover campaign shirt with their khaki tropical uniform trousers.
None of the Soldiers are wearing leggings, perhaps a reflection of 1st LT William Wassell's observation
in his report of September 3, (No. 40
D) below. Note mascot or pet in center of Soldiers, front row, sitting.

Photo from the Parker Hitt photograph collection, University of Michigan



The following are taken from the Congressional Serial Set of 1900-
Report of Operations of the 2nd Division, Eighth Army Corps,
from May 31, 1899, to April 6, 1900.

The reports cover activities of the 22nd Infantry during the month of August, 1899.














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