1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Sixteen years on the Plains


Charles W. Temple

22nd US Infantry



Charles Temple, as a Corporal of the US Infantry


Charles W. Temple was an extraordinary man who served in uniform for the better part of 32 years.
Born in Manchester, Vermont, in 1838, he joined the Army of the Confederacy in 1861
and Soldiered in that organization for the duration of the Civil War.

In 1876 he enlisted in the 8th US Cavalry
and eventually became a Non-commissioned officer in the 22nd US Infantry.

He was with the 22nd Infantry during their first campaign in the Philippines,
and was mustered out of US service as a First Sergeant in 1904.

The following pages contain the photographs and mementos of Charles W. Temple,
carefully and respectfully preserved by his Great-Great Nephew, Carl R. Byron.

These items were donated to the collection of 22nd Infantry memorabilia
held by the 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry, 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized),
under whose auspices they were displayed and added to the history and heritage
of the Regulars by God.



Dedicated to the memory of his
Great-Great Uncle;
Sgt. Charles W. Temple

Carl R. Byron


Fort Crook, Nebraska, June 30, 1896.

Original photograph from the estate of Charles W. Temple.
View shows the Administration Building and Company Quarters of the then brand new Fort Crook.
The entire Regiment is assembled in front of the buildings in their field uniforms.
This date was the first muster of the Regiment at Ft. Crook, presided over by
Lieutenant Colonel John Patterson, who was 2nd-in-Command of the 22nd Infantry.

Original photograph is mounted on heavy card stock, and measures 10 x 12 inches.
Image size is 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches.



Charles W. Temple


For more of the story of Charles W. Temple, return to the HISTORY page,
and see his name under the Headings of Spanish American War
and Philippine Insurrection




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