1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Corporal Elmore Nelson

Brothers-in-arms of Company H



Elmore Nelson, pictured in his Model 1872 dark blue sack coat,
the same type of uniform he would have worn in Cuba in 1898.
Photo taken while he was in Company H 22nd Infantry 1896-1899.



Herman Elmore Nelson was the son of Alex and Caroline Nelson.

Though he was born in St Thomas, Canada, Elmore was a US citizen, and he and his family lived in Flint, Michigan.
Elmore served three years in the 22nd US Infantry Regiment from September 10, 1896 to September 15, 1899.

He saw action in Cuba during the Spanish American War and in the Philippines during the Philippine Insurrection.

He was one of only a small number of Soldiers of the 22nd Regiment
who survived the combat, harsh environment and living conditions,
yellow fever, swamp fever, malaria and dysentery which ravaged the Regiment
in Cuba during the war.

His health had been seriously attacked by the tropical diseases he contracted in Cuba,
and as the Regiment was quickly reconstituted and sent to the Philippines,
Elmore didn't have sufficient time to recover, and his physical condition worsened.

He continued his exemplary service with the 22nd Infantry, taking part in at least five operations
during the Insurrection, became a Non-Commissioned Officer with the rank of Corporal,
and actually served beyond the expiration of his enlistment,
as, he was at the time, engaged with his Company in battle against the insurgents.

In 1933, as part of the "first 100 days" of his administration, President Franklin Roosevelt
signed into law the Economy Act of 1932. One of the provisions of this act
reduced veteran pensions by 40 %. Coming at a time when Elmore's health was
deteriorating, the legislation drastically affected his life,
and he petitioned the government to re-instate his pension to the full amount.

As part of his petition, Elmore submitted affidavits confirming his service connected ailments.
On the following pages are letters giving witness to Elmore's duty with the Regiment,
written by his former brothers in arms, men he served with in the 22nd Infantry.

Soldiers who served together in combat and other hard times share a bond
with each other that lasts forever. The Regulars of Company H gave testimony to this
by coming to the aid of their fellow Soldier in his time of need.



The 1st Battalion website is grateful to:

Elmore's grandson, William Nelson Garcia Bosque

Elmore's grandaughter, Teresa Howes

Elmore's grandaughter, Caroline Rueda

Elmore's niece, Berneda Smith

Their preservation of Elmore's documents and photographs
insure that his legacy and memory will live forever.









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