1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


C Company Reunion , Branson MO
July 2010

Part Two

Photos by Charles "Doc" Shyab



Ray Warner with his brand new Mustang


David "Kentucky" Ratcliff, grandson Banner and Charlie
getting ready for some thrown rolls


June Murray and Ray sharing info


Bud and Jim chatting


Kentucky, son and grandson going over the war pics that Bud brought


Mr. and Mrs. Ron Draper, Charles and Jim giving us their best shot


Lost for words to see combat buddies again


Charles and Gerald sharing written records from 43 years ago


LT John McKee, Company D, LT John Bobb and Robert
getting their memories confirmed


Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bolling chatting with Mike Stokes


Bud, Fred, Mr. and Mrs. Bill French and Linda Warner
hearing the rest of the story


Dave, Ray, Gerald and Phil Hanify enjoying the company


Tim Diffenbach and Fred Childs seeing each other after 43 years


Sam and Diane Esposito


Dave and Susan Stallings


Robert with his granddaughter


Mr. and Mrs. John Bobb








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