1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


C Company Reunion , Branson MO
July 2010

Part One

Photos by Charlie Shyab and Ron Draper



C/1/22 Vietnam veterans 1967-68
L-R Bill French, Bill Boling, Jim Rapier, Sam Esposito, Ron Draper, Ron Brunty, Jerry Jolly, John McKee, Charles Covey,
Ray Warner, Phil Hanify, Fred Childs, Mike Stokes, Chuck Zimmerman, Robert Roark, John Bobb, Bud Roach, Dennis Daggett,
Lynn Berliner, Dave Ratcliff, Elmer Hale, Charles Shyab, Gerald Jett, Larry Konermann



There was no idea about the success of reuniting Vietnam veterans that would evolve from a chance meeting
of three medics in 2003. The 2010 edition of the C/1/22 Chu Moor - Tet/Kontum 67/68 reunion reached
some lofty milestones. It was the largest group to attend and the first time attendees out numbered those
who had attended in previous years. The reunion was held in Branson, Missouri July 22-24.
Twenty-five veterans from fifteen states and over seventy people total were in attendance.
Several will have fond memories of the Mexican food restaurant next door to the hotel.

The hospitality room opened early Thursday morning for visiting and sign in. Groups met non-stop for three days
in conversations that ranged from Vietnam to grandkids. The evening entertainment was a trip to the Pierce Arrow Show.
A tribute to C/1/22 was given by the emcee of the show and the veterans received a standing ovation.

Friday was a busy day with a morning trip to the Veteran’s Museum and an afternoon excursion and meal
aboard the Steamboat Branson Belle. Prior to boarding the boat a tribute service was presented
in honor of Charlie Company 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry.

After the noon meal on Saturday at a nearby restaurant, the veterans and others met at the hospitality room
of the hotel for the emotional Flames of Remembrance Ceremony which has become the closing activity of the reunions.
The remainder of the evening was spent visiting.

A special thanks to the planners of the 2010 reunion. Ray and Linda Warner, June Murray, and Robert and Darlene Roark
carried out their task in a worthy fashion.

The group was so pleased with the atmosphere, convenience, and respect for veterans throughout the community
that Branson was selected as the site for the 2011 reunion.

Bud Roach, August 2010



Charlie Shyab talking to Jack and Kathy Chavez by Skype connection while others look on.
Jack and Kathy were not able to make the trip but were able to vist and join in the fun electronicly.


Ray and Linda Warner showing off their new Mustang. Ray was a little hot under the collar Sunday morning---
a couple of birds had added new racing stripes to the car.


Ray Warner presenting Robert Roark with an antenna for a PRC-25 radio to replace the one
shot off of his radio during an ambush on November 17, 1967


The veterans visited


and visited


and visited


and visited


Flames of Remembrance


Bud Roach and the "Branson Belle" Did we sing a duet? I don't think so.


The youngest attendee, Ruby Janyne Rountree, granddaughter of Bud Roach.







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