4th Battalion 42nd Artillery



Wayne "Whiskey" Wright

Headquarters Battery 4/42 Artillery 1969-1970


Me at LZ Hardtimes Oct 1969


Me at LZ Hardtimes
standing next to our home-made shower


The road to LZ Beaver....note the two trucks off the road....
we had just gone through and I took the picture


CH-47 Chinook bringing in the guns of C 4/42 to LZ Beaver 1969


CH-47 placing gun at LZ Beaver
note the mud....it was that way for 10 days


LZ Beaver - Dec 30, 1969
Here I am with shined boots


The radios in the Section at Beaver


The Section at LZ Beaver Oct 69-Jan 70
Note the writing on the weapons rack "Redlegs Thank God"


Me in the Section at Beaver


Me on the radio at Beaver
My soup and soda on the table


LZ Beaver Christmas 1969
Christmas turkey and decorations at the "Redleg" mess hall


CH-47 Chinook bringing in ammo to C Btry 4/42


Me on the left, Jerry Pool on the right
in the 4.2 mortars # 2 gun pit



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