4th Battalion 42nd Artillery



Wayne "Whiskey" Wright

Headquarters Battery 4/42 Artillery 1969-1970


Dennis Ryan, Myself and Bob Nehring
Christmas Eve 1969


Unknown, Dave, Me and Dud
Christmas Eve 1969


4th Infantry Division Band
Christmas Day 1969


Me in the orderly room at An Khe


Cobra gunship over LZ Hardtimes Oct 1969


Huey chopper buzzing LZ Hardtimes with smoke grenades tied to its pods
(Usually a sign that someone on the chopper was going home)


Me in our tent


Two Vietnamese women washing my uniforms


"Ready for alert"
C Btry No 1 gun with self-illumination round


18 May 1970
Me on stand down at An Khe, with No 2 gun


Myself, Dave and Cpt Mullek playing cards the last day at LZ Augusta


Dave, Me and Bob



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