4th Battalion 42nd Artillery



Wayne "Whiskey" Wright

Headquarters Battery 4/42 Artillery 1969-1970


Wayne Wright October 1969 LZ Hardtimes


C Btry 4/42 Artillery.....Oct 1969 LZ Hardtimes
Loading No. 1 during fire mission
You can see the projectile going in


LZ Hardtimes....
Taken from the top of FDC conex of C 4/42
looking east toward the mountains


LZ Hardtimes....C 4/42
In the foreground is Gun No. 1 - Pineapple's gun
The guy standing in the pit with no shirt on is Sgt William Mims, from Dallas


LZ Hardtimes....C Battery firing


LZ Hardtimes....C Btry No 1 gun


LZ Hardtimes....loading No 1 gun C Btry


LZ Hardtimes....C Btry No 1 gun
in full recoil having just fired


LZ Hardtimes
white phosphorous rounds burning in hills around firebase,
having been fired by 105's from C 4/42


Wayne Wright in the "funny box" LZ Hardtimes Oct 1969


October 1969 - Operations center at LZ Hardtimes....
telephones and chart


Operations center at LZ Hardtimes
Note the tools of the trade...
popcorn popper VN style and beer



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