Louis Allen Talley


Company A 1/22 Infantry 1966-1967


Born: August 17, 1940. Lubbock, Texas
Died: December 25, 2011. Decatur, Texas
Interment: Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery, January 6, 2012

Son of Cecil and Fay Talley.
Brother of Albert Eugene “Gene” Talley.
Father of Una Fay Clark.

Military Service: 1957 – 1967


Lou's brother wrote on his Facebook page:

Dear family and friends,
As many of you know, emphysema, finally took the life of my brother Lou.

My strongest memories of him are his warmth and need for affection. The neighborhood children would gather outside our house
on the days Lou and I received out allowances. As soon as Lou got his dollar or two he would run outside and lead the kids
to the store where he bought candy for everyone. He had quite a following and loved every minute of it.
This kindness followed him all his life. He regularly gave away his money and possessions.

I grew up being constantly amazed at his musical abilities. He easily learned several instruments and on the piano
could play most any tune he had heard, in any key.

Apart from the simple formalities provided by the military, the family decided not to arrange for an extensive, formal funeral service.
Interment will be on January 6, 2012 at the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery.


Lou Talley in Vietnam


Lou Talley, George Heidt, Jim Henderson and Bob Babcock are the reasons this website was begun.
Lou spent a great deal of time and effort to secure records, rosters, and reports on
Company A 1/22 Infantry over the years. In 1999 and 2000, George and Lou were the first
to contact me, and bring me in to the circle of 1/22 veterans online. As George and Lou
constantly talked to me, the two of them kept pushing and finally persuaded me
to build a website where veterans of 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry could go to,
to see and post photos, and to share accounts, histories and memories of their time
with the Battalion. Without those four men, the 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry website would not exist.

Lou was a deeply religious man, and I know he has found the eternal reward he sought.

You done good Brother Lou, Rest in Peace.


Michael Belis SGT Company C 1/22 Infantry RVN 1970-71

Webmaster 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry website

January 2012




Grave marker for Lou Talley











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