Charles P. Schaffer

1945 - 1983




Charles P Schaffer, Co A 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry 4th Infantry Division, served in Vietnam 1966-1967.
Came over on the USNS Walker. According to James Blumer, Schaffer was one of the 8 soldiers who
went ashore when the USNS Walker docked in Okinawa in 1966. Schaffer went ashore
in an officers uniform, walked off the gangway while other members of Co A went ashore in air mattresses.
Captain Joe Nunnellee was the officer, as a result Schaffer was busted
to an E-1 for a month or so. Shaffer's nickname was "Lucky"

1983 — Age: 38
Wisconsin, USA
Buried at St. Mary Cemetary 87th & Hamlin Evergreen Park, Illinois.
Grave 1, Lot 12, Block 12, Section X

Charles died Oct. 15, 1983 in a fishing accident. It is believed that his boat capsized near a dam,
and he drowned trying to rescue a friend



Grave marker for Charles P. Schaffer










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