by Jim Henderson


  Negron was always a one name, one word, kind of guy. We pronounced it Na (soft ‘a’) –groan. I’m sure that I never had a clue
as to what his first name was. Years later, on a B Company Roster, he had been listed as Felciano Negron. But, when I, sadly,
located his name on the Social Security Death Index, his official moniker with SS Administration, was Alberto E. Negron-Felic.

  To me, he’ll always be Na-groan.

  He was quiet and kept to himself, didn’t seem to have any special buddies, that I recall, although I’m sure he must have been tight
with someone, and I simply can’t recall. I guess he was the first Puerto Rican that I ever knew personally. He was an all right guy.
Did his job, didn’t complain, carried his own weight. Didn’t make waves or cause trouble.

  I know nothing about him after Viet Nam. I don’t know how he died, or who he left behind. Maybe, someone with more knowledge
of detail will find this and be able to add to and complete it.

  Rest in Peace Negron.




I remember when he came in country. We shared a convoy ride from Camp Enari to some Firebase near An Khe.
He was kind of quiet but friendly. He was assigned to his
squad and immediately sent out on patrol.
Next time I saw him was
on a Battalion stand down in Camp Racliff in An Khe. We shared a few beers.
But he appeared a changed person. Something happened to him
in the Field.

RIP My Brother !

Antonio Adorno HHC 1/22 Infantry 1969-70








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