The following is from Doc Shyab:

Elmer Hale is the central PBX of Co. C 1/22 and he put me in touch with Bud Roach and Jim Murray in April of 2003.
I was able to hook up with them in July when I went to Texas to visit family. We had a great long weekend together
sharing pictures, information and memories. Jim had not been well for a while but he had been gaining weight and he was
on his way to Brooke Army Medical Center to get his balance checked out as he had a cold and felt dizzy.
We were able to document his injuries in an Ivy Leaf 1968 edition to verify his claim for a Purple Heart. Jim and his wife June submitted the info when they reached Ft. Sam. Bud tried to expedite it ASAP , but he had not received it when he passed:
when June called me to relate funeral arrangements, she had the Medal in her hand. We were saddened by his passing and the lateness of the arrival of the medal.

Attached is a picture of our most enjoyable mini-reunion.
We had planned to get together during the holidays but this was not going to happen.

The following sent in by John Bobb:


Left to right: John Bobb, Elmer Hale and Bud Roach at James Murray's funeral, 2003

The following was written by John Bobb:

James Murray was a medic in Company C during the battle of Kontum, 1968.
He earned the Silver Star saving the life of Lt Metcalf, the 1st Platoon Leader who had been severely wounded.
I replaced Lt Metcalf later, in February 1968.

James and Bud Roach were medics together. Bud is the one who came back to Chu Moor in late April 68,
and assisted in removing Lt Zimmerman's remains from the hill.

Elmer Hale was my RTO, and then the Company Commander's RTO.

James Murray's funeral was the first time Elmer, Bud and I had seen each other since 1968.



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