Johnnie Ben Mayberry





Johnnie Mayberry was a Medic from HHC 1/22 Infantry assigned to Company A.

He was the Medic who treated William Lindley Hubbard on November 5, 1966.

He died of stomach cancer in 1998.




The Bronze Star Medal

Presented to Johnnie Mayberry
for heroism in combat.

Photo of Johnnie


Johnnie Ben Mayberry
was a US Army Veteran having served two tours in Vietnam
as a Medic.
Stationed in Fort Lewis, WA in 1966.
Departed Fort Lewis on July 21, 1966 for Vietnam
serving with US Army Fourth Infantry Division.
Arrived in Vietnam on August 6, 1966...base camp in Pleiku,
So. Vietnam.
Married to Mary Hicks Mayberry;
father of Teresa June Mayberry.
Teresa June Mayberry died of leukemia in 1968.
Mary Hicks Mayberry died in approximately 2008.
Place of residence was Fort Campbell, KY.
The 3 graves are located together at
Cook Memorial Cemetery, Lewisburg, TN


Created by: Loretta Hubbard
Record added: Aug 31, 2013
Find A Grave Memorial# 11636280

I would like to thank this man for what he did
in serving our beloved USA during the Vietnam War Era.
He took care of my husband, William L Hubbard
on November 5, 1966 as he lay mortally wounded
in the jungles of Vietnam.
Thanks to Johnnie and others l...
- Loretta Hubbard


Loretta further adds:

I talked to Sid Mayberry today...he told me a lot about his brother,
Johnny Mayberry.
He described him as a big guy.
He was an outstanding high school football player
who received an athletic scholarship to play football.
I am not sure, but I believe Johnny did go to college for awhile,
but dropped out, then was drafted by the Army.
I was thinking that Johnny joined the Army, but was told that he was drafted.
Lindley remembers him very well and was delighted that
I talked to family members.

Mayberry was a lifer.
He lived in Fort Campbell, Ky when diagnosed with stomach cancer in the 1990's.
He died in 1998.
They removed his stomach.
Johnny did two tours of Vietnam.
After returning home in 1967, he was sent to France.
While in France, his only child, a girl, was playing with a tin can.
She fell on it and cut her hand.
From there, she was diagnosed with Leukemia.
Johnny was sent home to be with his daughter,
who was a patient at Walter Reed Hospital.
They lost her in 1968.
From there, Johnny went back to Vietnam at some point before the war ended.
On one of the tours, he was wounded, received a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star.
Johnny and his wife Mary lived in Fort Campbell when Johnny was diagnosed
with cancer.
The brother, Sid, was stationed in Fort Campbell at the same time as his brother.
Their dad owned a funeral home in Lewisburg, TN.
The father had something wrong and needed help with the funeral home.
Johnny told Sid that he (Johnny) was too close to retirement from the Army,
so he wanted to stay there and retire.
It was decided that Sid would be the one to ask for the discharge...
perhaps a hardship discharge (not sure) and return to TN
to help the dad run the business.
Sid is still in the funeral home business, JB Mayberry and Sons Funeral Home in Lewisburg, TN.

Teresa June Mayberry, the daughter died in 1968.
Johnny died in 1998, and Mary Hick Mayberry died in 2008 in Fort Campbell, KY.
All are buried at Cook Memorial Cemetery in Lewisburg, TN.
Johnny attended high school at Jones High School in Lewisburg.
When I told Lindley about talking to a member of the Mayberry family,
he said, "I told you that his name was Mayberry."





SSG Johnnie Mayberry's decorations






Johnnie's High School Football team



Johnnie Mayberry - Number 15 on his football team





The Mayberry family Funeral Home




Johnnie's discharge from the Army






Johnnie's wife with Johnnie's car





Johnnie and his wife








The Mayberry family
Left to right: Brother Sidney, Johnnie, Sister Fanella, Wife Johnella,
and Father J.B. Mayberry




Johnnie's brother, Sidney Mayberry and his wife Willie Taylor Mayberry





Johnnie Ben Mayberry

Birth: May 16, 1936
Tennessee, USA
Death: Sep. 25, 1998
Marshall County
Tennessee, USA

Cook Memorial Cemetery
Marshall County
Tennessee, USA


Grave marker for Johnnie Mayberry

Photo by John C. Jones from the Find A Grave website




Grave marker for Johnnie Mayberry

Photo by John C. Jones from the Find A Grave website








The 1st Battalion website is grateful to Loretta Hubbard and

Sidney Mayberry ( In Loving Memory of his Brother )

for the above information and photos









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