Harold Richard Kembre

March 25, 1947 - March 22, 2000


Harold "Dusty" Kembre.


Dusty was from Cincinnati Ohio and we met in June 1965 when we both joined the Army. We were together through basic,
AIT, Jump School, 101st Airborne at Ft. Campbell, KY, Voluntered for Viet Nam and we were sent to Ft. Lewis with
C Co. 1/22 Infantry. He was a gunner on the other 106 recoiless Rifle in Tuy Hua and then went to 2nd Platoon
when we went to the Jungle of the Highlands. He was with me when I got shot on Feb. 16, 1967 and came up to me
while I was lying with the other wounded and asked me if he could do anything for me and I said yes, get me an M-16
as I threw mine down when I went out to help get Capt. Macmanus out of the line of fire. I told him if they over ran us
I wanted a M-16 to fight till the end. He left and brought me one back with several magazines. Dusty was my best Friend
and we stayed close after our service. He died at the young age of 53 of a stroke a week before his birthday in March of 2000.
I visit his grave several times a year and will always miss him. Only those who have served together in the Armed Forces
and in war know the bond that you have with another human being.

Jim Liles Company C 1/22 Infantry 1966-1967



Highland Cemetery
Fort Mitchell
Kenton County
Kentucky, USA
Plot: Section 10 A


Grave marker for Harold "Dusty" Kembre

Photo courtesy of Jim Liles










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