John A. Hooks

Company A 1966-1967

Died July 4, 1990



John Hooks was wounded in action during the battle of November 10, 1966. His position was overrun
by North Vietnamese soldiers. Though John was wounded in both legs, he climbed a tree to evade capture.
He was unable to rejoin Company A's position until the next day. While John was hiding in the tree, several
NVA soldiers set up directly below him. John said he was fearful that blood from his leg wounds would
drip down onto the NVA and give him away. Such was not the case, and the next morning John was able
to leave the tree and make his way back to his Company.


John is buried in Calverton National Cememtery in Calverton, New York.



John Hooks in Vietnam


Photos courtesy of Michael Coster


The grave marker for John Hooks

Photo by Maryann






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