Jim "Jim Bean" Green


A tattered photo from Robert Wren's scrapbook,
taken of Jim Green in Vietnam
Co C 1/22 Infantry 1969-1970


Received a call from Jim Green's wife last evening.
She said Jim has passed on to the other side some hours before.
His health had been failing for some time.
I had some long conversations with him and he truly loved us, his buddies.
He could be a little hard to talk with sometimes, but his respect and affection
for the young men who made up the platoons of Charlie company was sincere.
He was extremely proud of being a Grunt,and he was a good one.
We all did some serious humping up and over those big hills with the ruck's kicking our butt's.
We all knew him as Jim Bean.
But Jim Green won't have to carry the weight of the ruck or slip and slide in the mud.
His weight has been lifted and he's gone home to the real world.
We don't appreciate what we got till it's gone.
God bless his soul and let's all take a few moments to stop and think of him,
honor his time with us and wish his family well at this hard time.
His wife is easy to talk to and have had some talks with her;
she oft times said how much we meant to Jim.
I always felt o.k.with Jim; you knew you were being looked out for.
He was an honest, loyal and trustworthy Buddy.

---------- Tim Cornell aka Cornbread.

February 27, 2006





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