Stanley Areskevicious in Vietnam

Photo by Rich Lobus



Rich Lobus, who was a good friend of Stanley's, writes:

Stanley, was 1st squad 1st platoon, along with Grindstaff, Tackett, and Zellers; . 
I was the squad leader of 2nd squad 1st platoon till July.

Stanley, Hank Green, Donald Fiscus, and Melvin Liscomb,  were all close.

Stanley and I went on R&R together 12 Feb to 18 Feb 1967 ( approx.).

On or about the day before Stanley and I left for R&R, the company got into a small fight that Grindstaff started
with some NVA
women in a cave.  We killed one, wounded one, baby was ok; however that pissed the NVA mortar crew
who had escaped just
before we got to the cave.  That night they probed our perimeter, the LP set off a claymore. 
The next day on the move
the NVA mortar started shooting at us;  we took off running along side a tree line.
I could see the blast from the mortar through
the trees, they were in a gully about 250 yards away. 
I stopped and looked , it was an easy shot for my M-79/ M-16 so I started
shooting at the mortar;
Stanley saw me and stopped and started firing his M-79/ M-16. Together we dropped some rounds right
on top of them. 
The last round they fired, got our range, Stanley got  hit in his left hand.  I don't know if he got a purple heart for
this action. 
Where the mortar was, was cover with blood, the NVA got the mortar out but had to leave a lot of ammo behind.
He wrapped up his hand and we went on R&R; lucky it never got infected

Stanley came up to my home in 68 for a visit, that was the last I saw of him.


Stanley Areskevicious




Stanley Areskevicious is buried in Ivy Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Ivy Hill Cemetery Philadelphia PA


Sgt Stanley Areskevicious Lot 283, Section G, Grave 4 Back

Died December 13th, 2005 Upper Darby Pennsylvania  


Provided by Richard Lobus











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