SFC Brad Shipp Company C April 1989-January 1994


Company C - Somalia University Compound 1993


Enlarged section of above photo
Brad Shipp is middle row, far right



Blackhawk helicopter
with auxiliary fuel tanks
transporting a
HUMVEE truck.

Somali dust flying


The following images are from a 1:12,500 map of Mogadishu
laminated and used by Brad Shipp during 1-22 operations in Somalia :


The Airport at Mogadishu
Bottom left: Terminal building and tower
Note how close to the airport the Russian Compound was ( left center )


Mogadishu Stadium
The stadium was the staging area for UN forces on forays into the city.
Note the dense pattern of the city's dirt streets on either side of the stadium.


The "modern" city district of Mogadishu






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