1-22 Infantry Afghanistan February 2011


The following photos are from the 1-22 Infantry Newsletter Regular Post



1LT West and Abdul Hamid pull security during a dismounted patrol


SPC Hostetler providing security during a short halt on a dismounted combat patrol


SGT Vargas and SGT Tolios supervise the improvement of an Afghan Police Checkpoint


SPC Hebblethwaite talking on the Radio while CPT Olberding listens in during Operation Perfect Timing


Ralphy Tanha saying hello to an Afghan child that wanted to catch a glimpse of our patrol


SGT Vargas handing out pens and candy during a patrol


US/ANSF Soldiers handing out Humanitarian aid items


Ronnie and Tate enjoying some bread


PVT White providing security while the platoon leader conducts street level engagements with some locals


SPC Fisher and SGT Holland at CP 11 During Operation Perfect Timing


Soldiers from 1st PLT gather after a recent joint night patrol at PSS 6


CPL Kennedy, SPC Brazil, and PFC Underwood con-ducting actions on contact training


SSG Aaron Quitugua practices his Pashto on the local children


SPC Bo Green and ANCOP SGT Ata Mohammed search for caches


SPC Connell directing a TCP with ANP and ANCOP


SGT Roberts hard at work writing a patrol debrief back at PSS8


SSG Honigberg has a softer side, feeding the platoon rabbit


1st Platoon on patrol, PFC Richardson, platoon medic, in the foreground






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