Portraits of 1st Battalion 1966



Basic Training Yearbook of Company C 2nd Battalion 46th Infantry
6 December 1965 - 10 February 1966

From Michael Divincenzo



A number of Soldiers who served in 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry in the years 1966-1967
received their basic Training at Fort Hood, Texas in 1965-1966. At the time, the training
was carried out by the 1st Armored Division.

Many of these Soldiers sailed on the USNS General Nelson M. Walker, as part of the
initial deployment of the Battalion to Vietnam.

The following three pages contain images of Soldiers who took Basic Training at Fort Hood in 1965-1966,
and then served with 1st Battalion in Vietnam. The images are taken from three different yearbooks
prepared by Companies of the 46th Infantry, who acted as the training Companies for the 1st Armored Division.

These images were obtained through the work of four concerned individuals.

Michael Divincenzo, James Blumer and Manuel Cazares, all of whom served with Company A 1/22 Infantry
in the Republic of Vietnam, each contributed scans of their respective yearbooks. Their efforts were co-ordinated
and gathered by Bob Harik, who investigated and determined to which Companies in the Battalion
the individual Soldiers were assigned, and then presented the results to this website.

Thanks to these four men, these portraits of some of the Regulars of 1st Battalion have been preserved,
insuring that their legacy will endure.








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