Joey Parton - CSC Scout Platoon 1/22 Infantry 1975-1976

with Battalion after it was renamed 2/22 Infantry 1976-1979 (Germany)


Our barracks were in the old mule barn area which was on the North East side of the Post,
I’m not sure why it was called the mule barn area, but maybe at one time in history it was the area
the mules were kept. We had old two story wood barracks.

As far as how we became the triple duce and went to Germany, well, DOD wanted more presence in Germany,
so the 4th ID created the 4th Bde 4th ID War Eagles. For what ever reason I’m not sure of, Ft Carson wanted
the 1/22nd to stay at Carson so they turned the 1/12 Inf. into the 1/22 Inf. and we became the 2/22 Inf,
that went with the new 4th BDE.



Fort Carson 1975 - Sign for CSC Scout Platoon


Ready for down range - note the machine gun mounts on the M151 Jeeps


Going down range


Ready to move out from motor pool









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