James Ray Hubbard ----Co B 1/22 Infantry 1966-1967


James Ray Hubbard was one the RTO's of Captain Sandy Fiacco, and Captain Richard "Buck" Ator,
successive Commanding Officers of Company B 1/22 Infantry, 1966-1967.

On February 27, 1967, James Ray Hubbard was Killed In Action
when an artillery round fired in support of Company B landed short,
and exploded in the midst of the Company Command group.

The following photos were taken during Operaation Paul Revere IV,
during the November-December 1966 time frame.


James Ray Hubbard


Company B at a firebase


James Ray Hubbard


CPT Sandy Fiacco, Commanding Officer of Company B
Far left, with sunglasses is Taylor, member of the Command Group Commo Team of Co. B


SGT Roy Reynolds, seriously wounded on November 20, 1966


Soldiers of Company B crossing a river


Company B men scramble under the rotor wash of a Huey





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