Dallas G. Grundy 33rd INF Scout Dog Platoon - Attached to Co A 1/22 Infantry 1966


Dallas George Grundy was a dog handler and member of the 33rd Infantry Scout Dog Platoon, 4th Infantry Division.
On November 5, 1966, while working with his dog Prince, attached to Company A, 1/22 Infantry,
PFC Dallas Grundy was Killed In Action.

The following photos were taken at Fort Benning, GA, in 1966, prior to Dallas' deployment to Vietnam.



Dallas with his dog Prince


Dallas and Prince on the right


Dallas in center


Dallas with Prince


Far left is Wayne Enggle, 2nd from left with rifle on his shoulder is Dallas,
4th from left is SGT Jim Beecher


Dallas cleaning his stripped down M-14 rifle


Wayne Enggle on left, Dallas on right
Dallas wrote on the back of the photo, "That is Wayne's playgirl of the month."


Dallas and Prince


"The last picture of Prince"


Dallas wrote on the back of this photo,
"Captain Chi our instructor on the Vietnamese language, he stands about 5'3"."


Dallas in a helicopter on the way to Ft McClellan






Prince in his kennel at Ft Benning


Prince in his kennel at Ft Benning



All photos courtesy of Dallas Grundy's widow Shirley Day




Ed Klunejko was also a member of the 33rd Infantry Scout Dog Platoon who worked with 1/22 Infantry,
and was with Company A and Dallas Grundy when Dallas was Killed In Action on November 5, 1966.


Ed Klunejko


Ed Klunejko and his dog Tanz



Photos and article of Ed Klunejko courtesy of his sister







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