SSG Kirk Douglas Squad Leader Company A 2nd Platoon 3rd Squad & Company B HHC 1986-1990



3rd Squad 2nd Platoon Alpha Company 1-22 Infantry
PFC Lee Twiggs, PFC Pete French, PV2 Robert Miller, PFC Chris Taylor,
SSG Kirk Douglas, PFC Brian Tribett, PFC John Kreuger, PFC Otto Bryant
Palmerola, Honduras, South America



Regulars ride CH-47 heicopter back to the Base Camp



Left, SGT Allen Connor and right, SGT Arnold Matthews taking advantage
of the daily rain to get some personal hygiene in ... not to mention the necessary
flood prevention at the same time.



"Diggin' In"

LT Exum, SSG Patterson & SPC Gonzales
getting ready for a Company defense.
Los Mesos, Honduras
August 1987



SSG Kirk Douglas - coke break



Time to vent some steam - rest and relaxation



The Shower Point

SSG Jimmy Patterson, LT Larnell Exum & SSG William Haris
Ojo de Agua, Honduras



Germany - Reforger 1990







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