Unknown----Company B 1/22 Infantry 1971


The following was found on the internet listed for sale on a website of a militaria dealer.
Unfortunately, the items had already been sold. An inquiry by the 1st Battalion webmaster,
as to who bought the items, was unanswered by the dealer.

Anyone who can identify the Soldiers, locations or unit presented below is invited to contact the webmaster.
Walt Pastuszka, who served with B Company 1970-1971 has identified several of the Soldiers in the photos,
so this presentation must have belonged to a Soldier in B Company.


Here is the desciption of the items which were marked as "sold" by the militaria dealer on his website:


US8.)VIETNAM WAR U.S. ARMY 22ND INFANTRY REGIMENT GROUPING: the most spectacular part of this grouping,
which all belonged to one 22nd Infantry veteran, are the photos which he took, both color and black and white. We've only shown but a few here,
his photo album is full of snap shots and photos showing helicopter assault action, loaded down troops in the field, lots of good action photos,
Vietnamese girlfriends, his buddies, etc. Unlike most Vietnam era photograph albums, the quality of the images in this album are pretty sharp and clear.
He was a good photographer and picked his subjects well. Several photos show him on the plane coming home, smiling and very happy.
Total of 110 photos in all. Also comes with the commemorative year book for this outfit's tour in Vietnam, the 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry at Tuyhoa-An Khe
and Dong Ba Thin in 1971. This yearbook has hundreds of great photos. A large color photo from advanced infantry training at Fort Polk shows this same soldier
in the last row, sixth from the left. However, we don't know his name but surmise it to have been 'Finney'.
Note that we have tabbed his photos, one of which is named 'SP4 Finney'.



The 1971 yearbook for 1/22 Infantry


Scrapbook - Note on the left, the word play on the Battalion motto:

" A SAPPER ZAPPER ( by God )






Left to right:
John Murray, Bob Bouder, Richard "Gig" Young, Gary "Camel" Hearne







Richard "Gig" Young










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