Joe Rocha --- B Company CP RTO ( 1st SGT Top White's RTO ) 1969-1970


Joe Rocha


Joe Rocha


Cleaning the M-60 Left Charlie Sims, Center unknown, Joe Rocha on right


Left, Willie Dave - Center, Gerald Patterson - Right, Joe Rocha


Left to right: Alberto E. Negron-Feliciano, Joe Rocha, unknown


Left, Joe Rocha - Right, Willie Dave


Joe Rocha on right




Pat Villareal


Joe Rocha


Joe Rocha


Joe Rocha - note machete, and trouser legs tied with extra boot laces
to keep leeches from crawling up the insides


Joe Rocha


Downed Chinook


Cobra gunship


Joe Rocha opening a big can of ham sent from home


Left, Oliver "Ollie" Sutton - Right, Joe Rocha





Thanks to Fred Golladay for adding to the identifications above.







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