Lee Kleese - Commanding Officer Company C 1967-1968


Fred Childs of Company C 1967-68 writes: Attached are photos of Capt Lee Kleese of Charlie Company.  They were provided to me by his widow Sue Kleese. 
I don't know exactly when he became the CO of Charlie Company.  Probably after Capt MacManus was KIA 2/16/67.  I came in July of 1967 and he was
the CO at that time and I know for sure he was the CO on 11/17/67 when we lost 3 KIA.  After Kleese the next CO was Konermann and then I think Barron.


CPT Lee Kleese next to the sign for Company C 1/22 Infantry


Lee Kleese 2nd from left


Lee Kleese 3rd from left


Lee Kleese talking on the radio


Lee Kleese as a Major with the 4th Infantry Division


Lee Kleese


Lee Kleese with either an injury or wound being treated


Lee Kleese with MACV







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