Will Kim - HHC Scout Platoon 2007-2011



These were mostly pictures taken during deployments in Baghdad, Iraq 2008, or Kandahar, Afghanistan 2010.



Iraq 2008, enjoying the downtime.




Iraq 2008, we sleep where we can, when we can.




Iraq 2008, Scout Platoon Shenanigans




Iraq 2008, A warm, hard, solid surface is better than gravel.




Iraq 2008, one of the greatest Platoon Sergeants the Scout Platoon has had the opportunity to work with
and learn from. He was more of a Mentor.
Platoon Sergeant - Sergeant First Class Peluso




Iraq 2008, nothing better than battle drills to keep us on our toes.




Iraq 2008, when the HMMWVs are being occupied, you won't argue sleeping on gravel.




SPC Will Kim - from the 1-22 yearbook - Afghanistan




Afghanistan 2010, our weekly hike up the mountain with the Scout Platoon.
SPC Kim - Far right
SPC Catrain - Front
SPC Kirby - Middle
SSGT Prince - Back




Afghanistan 2010, enjoying the view mid way hike. Just kidding, Col Martindale challenging us
he could beat us up the mountain with twice our age, and that he did!
Col Martindale - Right
SGT ----- Middle
SPC Kirby - Front left
SSGT Prince - Back left




Afghanistan 2010, did we forget teamwork is key?
SGT ---- Right
SPC Catrain - Left




Afghanistan 2010, enjoying the mountain top after the climb up. It was such a great view we couldn't say no
to a scenic picture with our brothers at our side.
From Right to left (Front Row) SSG Prince, SGT Raught, SPC Jones, SGT Smith, COL Martindale, SPC Kirby, PFC Dones
From Right to Left (Second Row) SGT Rojas, SPC Lombardo, SPC Kim, SPC Catrain holding colors
From Right to Left (Last Row) SPC Harmony, SGT -----




Afghanistan 2010, did I mention we were obligated to climb the mountain at least twice? Second climb just at the base.
SPC Kim - Front
SSGT Prince - Middle
SPC Kirby - Far left




Afghanistan 2010, Scout platoon with Ahmed Wali Karzai.
From left to right - PFC Dones, SPC Kirby, SPC Harmony, SPC Lombardo, SGT Rojas, Ahmed Wali Karzai, COL Martindale,
1LT Adams, SPC Catrain, SSG Prince, SGT Smith, SPC Jones, PFC Fritsch, PFC Dones, SPC Kim




Afghanistan 2010, enjoying the rest after a nice stroll out.
SGT Smith - Left
SSGT Miller - Right








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