Richard E. Vargo 3rd BN 22nd Infantry 1955-1956



New Regimental sign at Ayers Kaserne, Kirch-Göns - 1955
The unit had just got back from training at Grafenwoehr



Recruiting Office sign
Note large German made 22nd Infantry DUI's on cap and shoulder straps



Barracks winter 1955



22nd Infantry Retreat and Parade Ground spring 1956
Note huge size of the 48 star National flag being raised (or lowered)



22nd Infantry Drum & Bugle Corps - Spring 1956
Note sign (upper right) in front of the Headquarters for the Provisional Battalion of the 22nd Infantry



22nd Infantry Regiment S-2 and S-3 vans during Fall 1955 manuvers




Left to right: Richard Vargo, Captain Bunn, Dick Wolfe
Inside the Regimental S-3 van transposing info onto a map,
3rd Battalion test, Wildflecken August 1955






Photos from Richard Vargo through Jim Mays via Ed Schultz







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