Raymond Richard ----Co B 1/22 Infantry August 1969-June 1970



Here's a picture of a picture from the good old days. I went on a year long camping and hunting trip
in some far off land. With all the guns around it felt like the Wild Wild West. I'm out sunning myself on a OP.
After looking at this old photo not sure which direction the bad guys would be coming from.


These shots were taken shortly after I returned from R&R. Think it may have been April of 1970.
If you notice the mountains in the back ground I'm pretty sure its around there I would end up for the next few weeks.


A couple more pictures before I boarded my chopper.


I'm on the chopper now. I got new boots.


This is where I ended up. Our new home for a week or two. Just started setting up our 81mm mortars.
Another beautiful location called LZ Terrace.


Same location a few days later. Those puffs of smoke are 500 pound bombs.
I think you can see one of the jets if you look real hard.


This picture was taken a couple weeks later, we got kicked off of Terrace and got our own hill
almost within shouting distance from Terrace. We just got sniped at a few minutes before this picture was taken.


This is the reason we got sniped at. The choppers must have brought there own snipers.


A picture of our shitter. Really nice view. Don't forget to bring your own paper and your M-16.


Back in base camp getting packed up and ready to leave for Cambodia. I'm eating a can of pears
and a pound cake. By far one of the better choices out of a case of C-rations.


More grocery's to put away. Our shopping cart we wore on our backs.


A gathering of my platoon just before we boarded our buses on our trek to Cambodia.
I'm the guy in center front, Gil Brown is on far right. In front of Gil is Jim "Doc" Kozma.


Here we are on our bus. That's me trying to look like Lawrence of Arabia at the back of the bus.


Only picture I took after we got dropped off in Cambodia. Who needs a tornado
when you have a Chinook chopper stirring things up.


Back in the rear after 9 days in Cambodia. I was a clown even back then. Looking for a meal in the trash.
2 or 3 days after this photo was taken I found myself in the hospital for the next few weeks.
Picked up some bug while in Cambodia.


Believe this was the last picture taken from my 3 month old camera. I was released from the hospital
in the morning and found myself a few hours later back in the field. Less than 3 weeks left in the army
and they send me back out for another week before I come back to the rear and get ready to leave Nam.






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