Tom Porter

Company C 1/22 Infantry

1st Field Force (IFFV) & U.S. Army Forces Military Region II

October 4, 1970 - October 3, 1971




I arrived in Vietnam on October 4, 1970. I was 19 years old. I was originally assigned as an 11B10 (PFC)
to the 1st Battalion, 50th Mechanized Infantry. They were actually 'airmobile' at that time.
The 1/50th were turning-in their tracks - 'standing-down'. We were based out of Phan Thiet (LZ Betty).
I believe it was November or December, 1970, that I was re-assigned to C-1/22, in An Khe with a number of other guys
from the 1/50. I was assigned to the 4th or Weapons Platoon with the 81MM Mortars. We were called Popeye Platoon.
I on-the-job-trained (OJT) in the Fire Direction Center (FDC) and got promoted as 11C10 and 11C20.
I left Vietnam on October 3, 1971. I got my full year.






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