George Gray

Company C 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry

4th Infantry Division

July 1966 - July 1967


I served in USArmy from Nov 1965 to Nov 1967. Went to Ft. Dix and was quickly sent from there to Ft. Hood,
Texas for Basic. First time it snowed in Texas in 20 years the day I go to the firing range.
Next adventure was a trip to Ft. Lewis , Washington for a little AIT before they outiftted us for the trip
to the wonderful land of Paradise called Vietnam. Eihgteen leisurely days on the ship and we finally arrive.
Most of the ship were unloaded on LST except us. We were held for an extra to make an impressive assault landing.
It was extremely dangerous seeing the Mayor of the town, all the town dignitaries, and even the local from Village
observing us as were exited the LST with the weapons at the ready. How embarrassing it was.
We camped in that area for a short time and then headed to Pleiku to establish the Base Camp
for the 4th Infantry Division. I served my time with Charlie Company, 1/22 Infantry during my time in Vietnam.
I did have a very short stint with the LRRP's but they guys are crazy. Five man patrols in the middle of all the bad guys
was crazy. I was also a squad leader for a couple of first months. Then moved on to bigger things, the CO's RTO.
This was very good . Our hole was in the middle of the perimeter every night and I got to separate and hand out
the sundry packs and I loved Winston cigarettes at the time. I got my own orders over the radio for my R & R date
and also my order date to get the hell out of that god forsaken place. In Country 21 July, 1966 until 14 June 1967.
LTC  Thomas Rosell gave me a nice plaque, thanked me for my service and said I could now leave.
 I had no clothes except the ones on my back because base camp got hit with mortars the night before
and all my belongings in my duffle bag were lost. Well anyway, I returned home with just over six months to finish.
They sent me to Ft. Hood, Texas so that I could play baseball for the Post team. I was officially assigned
to drive for a Colonel that I never saw and do not know his name. He sure kept me busy until time for the baseball practices.
I was assigned to the 546 Pers Svs Co at Ft. Hood.
I finally got out and drove back home to Pennsylvania from Texas.








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