SP5 Antonio Adorno

HHC 1/22 Infantry

4th Infantry Division

April 1969 - February 1970




I spent many months on LZ's from Pleiku to Kontum to An Khe to Binh Dinh.
Anywhere the Battalion Commander was. I was the First Cook for the Battalion. I know that at some point everyone passed
through my Chow Line. In the evenings we may have shared a beer or smoked a pipe. I was always well supplied !
I had the privilege to meet General Glen Walker when he presented me with the Army Commendation Medal.

If you were there at the time I was, you certainly ate or performed KP at my Field Mess Hall.
You may have been there, when the entire Mess Tent burned down at LZ BASS. I was involved in many Battalion moves
from Kontum to Pleiku to An Khe. From Lz's Bass, Lz Marylou to Lz English In Bon Son province
and many other LZs I can't recall. I was there when we gave up Camp Enari to the ARVNs and moved
to Camp Radcliff in An Khe to relieve the 1st CAV.







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